Following this blog, leaving a message

I’ve been told it is not possible to find a way to follow this blog by email, or to comment on each post. 

It should be possible to comment by scrolling to the end of each post, looking for “Leave a Reply.”

To follow, look near the bottom of the right-hand sidebar for “Follow this blog by email” or the “Follow” button you would use if you had a Word Press ID.

If you cannot find these, please go to the page “Dialogs” (look at the top of the blog) and let me know, or email me at  I will do my best to get these options easily available.



3 Replies to “Following this blog, leaving a message”

  1. I’ve had readers complain they can’t find the comment button. WP seems to insist on tucking it way at the bottom after their ads and as the previous poster mentioned, after the share links. The only option to make this easier is to change themes. Would be nice if the comment button’s location and visibility were customizable.

  2. I seem to receive your blogs as you post them. The comment box is at the bottom – after and below the little picket fence created by the buttons for Press This, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Email, Print More, and Like, and then beyond the thicket of “Related” blog beginnings. As in life, to intimately commune (rather than merely receive), one must ‘go all the way’… 🙂
    Peace, Kristie

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