About this Blog

For several recent years, I taught a college class called “War Stories” – a literature class that promoted the universal skills of reading, analysis, research, and presentation – but which drew entirely from the literature of war and social conflict. (For examples of what we read and discussed, select the “War Stories” tab above.)


One of my primary goals for this blog is to represent the many elements that make up the experiences (and stories) of war and social conflict.

I also hope to represent the many experiences that mirror war – the battles people fight in their daily lives to maintain personal, emotional, family stability, and to occasionally make progress. These battles might include struggling against oppression (or working just as hard to live with it), feeling one’s voice has been marginalized or silenced, campaigning against social (or gender) inequity, or dealing with the many varieties of severe or chronic illness – in particular, mental illness and mental disorders.

Ideally, the lines between these battles and wars will all blur as I continue to write, as it becomes clearer that the experiences are ones we share, not ones that separate us. If I can manage this at all, you will see how our struggles can become elemental – and how we accomplish most when we stand together to fight our battles and to wage our wars.

Thank you for visiting. I welcome you to express your responses in writing, after any post. You do not need to agree with me to speak with me. I’m happy to listen.


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