Cruise Night

So much has been happening recently – in the world, in my communities, in my family, in my life – that I have had little time to take a breath.

My best friends and my family keep telling me I should take breathers.

OK, here is a breather – no battles, no wars, just half a dozen photos I shot on a sunny day in northern Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Every year, the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce – based in Middletown, where I have lived since 2008 – holds a Cruise Night on Main. Perhaps hundreds of people bring their cars, ranging from a Model A to authentic, restored 1960s and 1970s American muscle cars, to foreign classics and modern domestic gems, all polished and topped off with fuel, and all lined up along the boulevard-wide Main Street in town. The owners show off the cars and they show off the work that went into putting them in order. (A few are still works in progress.)

The event draws, I am confident, thousands and thousands of people, everyone equipped with some sort of preference or bias about which car or era rules the roost – but everyone who turns up has a fighting chance to find something, even if it’s only a chance to enjoy a pleasant afternoon and early evening under a lovely clear sky, bathed in live music, nursing a funnel cake in one hand, taking a long slow look at some of the best Detroit – and Bavaria – have turned out over the past century-plus.

Take a gander. Enjoy.

Cruise -2645 red fury mirror
A red 1970 Plymouth Fury owned by a West Haven, Conn., man.
Cruise -2654 holley carb
A Holley carburetor in the 1970 Fury.
Cruise -2695 tempest logo
This 1962 Pontiac Tempest convertible had the $500 LeMans option.
Rumble Seat
Michael Fleischmann of Portland, Conn., looks into the rumble seat of Tom Melia’s 1936 Ford Cabriolet. Melia, also of Portland, says 1936 was the last year Ford offered rumble seats.
Cruise -2744 tbird wing
Nothing says elegance like Thunderbird.
Cruise -2788 57 chevy driving
Done for the day, this couple is headed home.

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